Welcome to the Prayer Wall where we have used real images of the Wall in Jerusalem including people who have stood before it to give you a vision beyond just the banners. We have been able to incorporate all themes of banners, plus many more items are available through the wall where we have more space to play..

We hope one day to have prayer banners and a prayer wall using different languages and we are looking for translators at this time people to help us translate a small amount of text that may reach millions if not billions of people and satisfy their prayer needs. If you are fluent in English and a second language please help us get this system to ALL the People of Earth.
This is a prime example of code gone awry. In firefox this system seems flawless, looks that way and functions that way. In Internet Explorer its close but when this Prayer Wall loads there are too many things happening for "ie" to comprehend and therefore some of the scrolling prayers are stalled, makes people think it is our systems. And there is a different "stumble" every time this page is reloaded in Internet Explorer so even ie has no idea what it is doing. That's why we build for firefox first and all other browsers are only secondary...
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