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A Battle of Armageddon is on the Horizon

“Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon” – Revelation 16:16

As current events outpace re-written history within the Bible we are the witness to “ushered” in prophesy as the conflict in Syria has amplified itself to include the US, Russia, China, Iran, and a multitude of other leading countries that wait in line to take Syria apart. Armageddon; written only once in the Bible, a “place” referred to as the City of Tel Megiddo. har megiddô (Mount Megiddo; Project Megiddo) the location of many a village, a war and a people. Centuries, a strategic crossroad of trade; located between Syria and Israel. Far south of the “conflict” zone called the Golan Heights; on the path to Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

More than two hundred battles have been fought in the region surrounding Megiddo; a place where blood and turmoil stem upon, unto today. Presently in the area north of Megiddo; we have the Syrian conflict. It has no bounds, contains zero morals and is escalating by the minute into WW3. Then, there is Israel to the south who continues to wave their flags of superiority and oppression toward the neighboring countries whose people profess the continued inhalation of the state itself. As they fain the wary victim while bombing innocent civilians to dust, spinning the same record over and over; nations will have NO peace. Israel knows this, understands this and yet continues to threaten multiple sovereign states within range using this “new” standard of “rightful” power.

Armageddon: as the final battle between God and The Antichrist; a gathering of armies, where the Antichrist will arise from among 10 nations involved; … and another [the Antichrist] shall rise after them.” (Daniel 7:24). “The Antichrist will be an impressive speaker who prevails over three Kingdoms, changes times and laws…” We expect he will prevail over Heaven, Hell and Earth, change logic (common core) and laws (NWO Global government) (Israel: Global Court). Question is: If you prevail over earth, do you decide and do you control who enters Heaven and Hell? The answer has been a resounding yes for centuries. If I have a weapon, I have the power to decide YOUR fate and future; when I decide you will be slave, if by force; you will be so…

With the entire region in a full blown firefight and Megiddo in the middle, the territory surrounding Megiddo lies within the forefront of the greatest conflict and genocide the world may ever see. In an area that has all been in question to it’s ownership for decades and is STILL is in question to this day. Some have chosen this path, one that will spill over from Syria into Israel as the conflict follows the masses of fleeing civilians under attack. This path will also include other countries seriously wanting the sweet, sweet valuable crude oil under the sands of Syria. It is their goal, their mandate. Victors divide the spoils; look at Iraq to verify that statement.

There is going to be an “Armageddon”. It will comprise 10 nations; they are already on the board. (US, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey “or thereabouts”) Although, somewhere a voice of unreason has grown; the Vatican; the false “Popes”, their rhetoric falls among this list somehow. They have acquired a morbid ability to lead a mere billion followers in any direction they want. Just name the cliff, toss in some global warming and be sure to fleece every sheep before sending them over. They are just a flock. Yes, there can be no doubt these countries want to divide a massive Syria and upper Israel among themselves. But as the “civil war” to oust a much wanted Syrian leader fails, more countries can only rain bombs to surreal forethought and failed conclusion meant to create untold civilian enemies and drive the shocked public from their homelands.

Armageddon is being fostered into place, with; the right countries and the right “boogie men” but the wrong moral or religious right to destroy at will, anyone or anything anybody so pleases. Everyone has set aside the rules of law, saying; we have re-written laws or fail to honor that law because you don’t. They made laws to conform at every level that only the town idiot can understand, just to do as they damn well please. You’re not going to stop them; neither am I? As seen in EVERY negative society; it will rot from the inside out like a mold or fungus. I happens every time; it’s just a matter of time.

Russia supports Syria; Saudi Arabia (AKA: the USA) is shipping arms to Syrian “rebels” while Israel prepares AGAIN to level more of the Gaza strip’s people and buildings to dirt because God says: they are allowed throw bombs at stones “have at it”. History demands it be the will of somebody’s God to kill another, because of their God; it’s a new normal for humans? The US created, funded and solely supports the ISIS/IS/ISIL groups that are SO halfass trained; Russia can put them on the run for their lives within 72 hours. Then we have France, everyone’s bitch; they want to be in the game as if they have some sort of reputation to improve. Most likely France is not even using France’s money for this venture either. They were broke years ago.

The battle has begun; as we speak, so to speak. Russia will not release their hold over Syria; the US is too involved in the dark side of any conflict to retain control by design while other countries who tag along always suffer severe consequences in due time for following another pre-planned death march. Where’s the morality, and by whose God do we retain the justification for taking a single life on this planet? The final battle is slated to end in Megiddo, although, where it starts is just a guess. What lies between the existing Syrian “war” and Israel? What is along that route? Something is falling into place or being shoved into existence, I imagine the later.

As of this week the Bear grew some balls to re-enforce their interest in Syria and the never ending – escalating “conflict” of US/CIA supported TERRORIST organizations. Targeting with the greatest technology a few hundred ISIS assets with ease. Russia and the open minded Putin have seen through the smoke, behind the mirrors and maintain knowledge that certain “elite” politicians expect this world to lock-step into GLOBAL everything. How is this possible when the “leaders” behind this; are murderous, treasonous, and inept to even the simplest tasks or ideas? They will set the world on fire, take their money and run; please don’t expect a single one to be the voice of reason in a decaying society, they lack the spine to do anything moral, as if it’s just a social impropriety.

Leaders who encourage war and murder will never have a legitimate or honorable state. As china docks aircraft carriers in Syria and Russia is targeting US backed ISIS strongholds; the real aspect of another inept & unjust American led genocide against the people of another country, Syria may have been thwarted. Somebody has decided that enough is enough and servitude to bombs must stop. May the honor of Russia infect us all; forever more, and their intentions be true and straight. There must be a reason, why our “savior” is the biggest “boogie man” of them all? “Mother Russia”? Only time will tell as remarkable new life changes for the better have come from Putin and Russia, in the past year making other leaders and readers look like mere jesters.

As millions of civilians flee the conflict or “wars”, they face persecution for their race, religion and status to no end. This must stop. Reigning powers see this desecration of the forsaken on every level and country the US has involved themselves within. This is by design to pit person against person, religion against religion and country against country. Enough to muck up the waters; to question who, is involved and why they are involved at all. Controlled chaos only last as long, as it is still controlled. The world can not survive another year under this amount of duress, at this level; or something will snap, way beyond repair.

Who is the “anti-Islamic State coalition” and what are their intentions? Is this really an actual movement being spearheaded by the US? WHAT, by a corrupt political system that has been compromised and infiltrated by Islamic Jahadi leaders? Hell bent upon an Islamic world that has no reasoning or tolerance for another religion? How did the US political system become so distant from the people and lose touch with ALL reality? Are they ALL corrupt or compromised; are they all defective or pedophiles? Obviously they are murderers who have turned their back on the US people then turned it back on the whole globe. They will roast in the bowels of hell for their role in this horrible quagmire. No one has the right to do this, to take a single life, NOBODY.

As the kettle continues to boil over in Syria while the torch stays lit in Israel, there can only be an acid-like burning sensation among the concerned citizens in-between. As Gog and Magog enter the region, to carry the falsehood of a peaceful resolve among many nations by leveling it back to sand. The leaders, who can stop this slaughter; all they feel is money from the “cleansing”, as no sorrow or real tears will befall these soulless political pawns. They continue daily to endorse a movement afoot and drive honest people from their homes; to make them suffer every step of the way on this earth. So please tell me by whose God is this right? By whose holy book is this favorable? And by whose morality is this a humane theory?

We are left with this horrible vision; leaders, re-classified as mongrels, cleaning the bones of the warriors they send into battle. Soldiers who actually live beyond these false “wars”; are left begotten, forgotten, leader-less, homeless and love-less. How much longer will this shame happen? In no universe is this right as our “leaders” gleefully continue to send in more flesh for fodder. Your children are next; be it strife, famine or war. Yours are slated to be USED next. Generations of oppression shall follow using this new mindset; death and destruction will make all things fine and better; but not smelling like roses. It will still smell, for a short-while, very much like death.

War is peace; we desecrate the Nobel Peace Prize, give it to people who have a known fascination with genocide through BOMBING. We have failed and there is a putrid virus within our leadership where some cannot lead without idiocy pouring out in all directions (See: John McCain), while others are just along for the payday. It is infectious and twisted to live this existence but they find solace in doing so. Pray for them, follow them carefully; they are the Town Fool, the Village Idiot (No offense: George Bush, Sr. and Jr. or by association: Jeb).

Look where this is headed. The top 10 world nations, focused on Syria with a goal that can very easily dog pile south through the “new found” oil fields of the Golan Heights and grow further to infect the unrestrained brutality of an already enraged nuclear Israel. Don’t forget gentlemen, along the way is a short stop at har megiddô to take care of this Armageddon thing which will end, at Megiddo in an Armageddon type fashion; very shortly. It’s simply being designed; that way.


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