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Senate Passes a Bill to Legalize Asteroid Mining

Another day, another very important bill being passed by the Senate. This one almost makes sense, but then it doesn’t… considering no nation on Earth can claim sovereign ownership of a celestial body in space, that is.

On Tuesday, the Senate passed the Space Act of 2015 which is being hailed as a way to encourage the private space industry. Part of the bill legalized space mining, allowing companies the property rights to any resources that they might extract from asteroids out there. The Daily Caller noted that a bunch of think tanks concluded the lack of this bill was a major hurdle to space-based industry development. “This bill will keep America at the forefront of aerospace technology, create jobs, reduce red tape, promote safety, and inspire the next generation of explorers,” Chairman of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, Congressman Lamar Smith, said in a press release.

Senate Passes a Bill to Legalize Asteroid Mining, Amended It to Ban Alien Enslavement

Website Comment: Whomever wrote this bill should be removed from politics forever. Whomever voted for this bill should be removed from politics forever.

Here is the audacity of this Bill:

We are going to land on a asteroid traveling a hundreds of thousands of miles an hour and MINE it for a whole 12 SECONDS before it leaves our solar system and…

How STUPID did that sound? We hate to say it but the people in Washington took idiocy to a new level AGAIN; wasting American taxpayer money for a fruitless “Retarded” FANTASY. Hell, the USA can’t even launch a single rocket to the Space Station without complete failure.

No Alien Enslavement: Are you kidding me? The first thing our world would do; is enslave them, place them under a heavy burden and keep them in debt forever.


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