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ISIS Fighters Believe Raping Children Is a ‘Prayer to God’

ISIS Fighters Widely Believe Raping Children Is a ‘Prayer to God,’ Report Finds.

The New York Times released a detailed and graphic report on Thursday that featured interviews with 21 women and girls who recently escaped IS captivity in Iraq. The victims, from the Yazidi religious minority group, shared how fighters would pray before raping them, and tried to justify their actions with the Quran, the Islamic holy book.

Website Comments: A week ago I had this image of how these “false wars” have taken a toll on the public, specifically children. Somehow we have dredged the bowels of hell to find these “horrible” warriors who are intent on one goal. To rape your children until they are dead, Allah now wills it???. There is so much to add, including the fact that only the Devil himself will be able to control the mongrels somebody has ARMED in these recent times because; nobody controls them now.

This a call to all Watchman, this shall not happen on your watch. Your priority is to stop these acts and see that those who intend to commit them go back to hell. Never intending to agree with war, this type of degrading onslaught towards non-combatants is not ACCEPTABLE. God never justified nor will it be acceptable to rape and slaughter innocent CHILDREN.


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