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How to respond to Planned Parenthood? Prayer?

How to respond to Planned Parenthood? Prayer and fasting, say Colo. bishops :: Catholic News Agency.

Denver, Colo., Aug 6, 2015 / 05:46 am – Following the release of investigative videos showing Planned Parenthood offering aborted baby organs for money, the Catholic bishops of Colorado have designated August 28 as a day of penance and prayer.

“We call on all people of good will in Colorado and beyond to pray that those involved in research and medicine will fix their sights on recognizing the sacredness of life and refrain from putting human life at the service of science,” said the Colorado Catholic Conference in a July 31 statement.

Website Comments: Our society has failed and we are being led to slaughter by a huge amount of evil people with no regard for human life. We are appaled that PP can and is getting away with this genocide while being funded by your tax dollar, mater of fact all the recient genocide across the world that has killed millions has been done on your tax dollar and the future of your slaves/children.

Maybe some prayer and fasting will make them close the doors of these monster “Doctors”? WOW! The Catholic Church could shut down these human slaughter factories in a minute, but they WONT.


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