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Hastings calls for war against Iran

House Democrat Hastings calls for war authorization against Iran – YouTube.

Another Democratic lawmaker has split with U-S President Barack Obama over the nuclear conclusion between Iran and the P5+1. Alcee Hastings, form the state of Florida, says he will not only vote down the Iran nuclear agreement, but would also draft an authorization to allow the United States to go to war with Iran.

Hastings has called it an absolute necessity to clear the president’s path to use military force against Iran to prevent it from getting nuclear weapons. He says this is necessary regardless of how Congress votes on the Iran deal. The US media say it is increasingly likely that the Iran agreement would be passed by Congress. But Hastings’ attempt is seen as a forward-looking move aimed at pushing the next president to abandon the deal. The Florida Democrat says he will introduce his war authorization on September 8, the first day Congress returns from recess. And this likely comes before the US legislative body debates the Iran deal.

Website Comment: We authorize you to arm up your entire family, the kids, grandkids, matter of fact your whole linage and we will parachute them over Iran along with your warmongering attitude. Is this why you were elected? To proselytize for Israel’s next war?. Protect Israel Senator Hastings, at all costs, you have vacationed there 16 times, you must really enjoy the place?


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