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China bans US pork containing feed additive

China bans US pork containing feed additive – Global Times.

China has banned imports of pork from six US processing plants and six cold storage facilities, effective from Wednesday, a Reuters report said on Tuesday (US time), citing the US Department of Agriculture.

The ban reportedly aims to prevent ractopamine, which is an additive used in US hog farms that could leave toxic residual in pork products such as bacon and ham, from entering China.

Website Comment: We have failed. An upstanding country like China; who has been known to feed their public food made of cardboard, won’t accept our meat? We have FAILED. Fire every level of the USDA and FDA and go back to nonlethal food techniques.

The picture has become clear. Every step of the US food chain contains chemicals that are carcinogenic to ALL life and support a chain of events to decrease health, morf reproduction and destroy immune systems so that cancers thrive.


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