†he An†ichris† Sys†em
†he An†ichris† Sys†em combines The Live Prayer Network banner systems, email, social networks, messaging, voice and phone SMS (simple message system, ie:text) to notify the world when the Antichrist is revealed. Here you will you get solid proof about the "actual" Antichrist; proof that is ABOVE and beyond normal main stream media.

There is a story behind †he An†ichris† Sys†em and your about to play a small but significant role in how prayer gets around the world in seconds but first where does The Antichrist "Alert" System play in prophesy, the bible, or prayer? No where is such a system described, only one place does the system exist. Its just a delivery system with a purpose, ponder this: For all Gods people this is a place of praise and prayer but do not forget it is, as required; †he An†ichris† Sys†em.
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Subscription Features
  • Informative mini-editorials
  • Current events
  • News from around the world
  • Prayer needs from cultures or conflicts
  • Religious internet resources
  • Your notified of the Antichrist
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The combination of our powerful prayer systems and today's media capabilities allow us to keep in contact with millions of people using multiple live sources of the internet and be of service to the worlds prayer needs. Our goal for this system is to announce the Antichrist and get you the right information as soon as it is known.

The Antichrist Alert System is a free subscription service and we will send you weekly or monthly prayer needs and updates to just about any medium you so choose. Sign-up now.
This system does not support or promote the Antichrist. Religious prophesy includes The Tribulation, The Antichrist and Armageddon and there will be an Antichrist. Shouldn't you know without bias who sits upon that throne?
We are watchman; we are a force to contend, we will not falter, nor fail at our mission.
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