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For over 14 years The Live Prayer Network has provided free of charge, prayer banners and other "non-denominational" family friendly systems to webmasters the world over. Our viral systems are designed to not take visitors away from your site. Visitors to your site can add prayers to the system and view all available features; from your site. It's simple, sort of, it's fast, obviously but mainly it's important that the world live with prayer and you can help.

We want our LIVE systems to be that added WOW factor in your web presence and by placing a banner into your site you are launching a "mini-site" containing as much as 1000 pages. This only involves placing a line of code into the html of any page within your site. (Example)

This is the internet's fastest 'alert' system, it's most advanced banners and one of the most unique and active ministries since it's inception; a foundation where watchmen stand fast. Watchman for the house of Israel; Many stand watch, our eyes are open and we surely have not forgotten.

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There are 20 different banners to choose from, colors, themes, sizes, etc.
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Get the code for a Banner and add to your site; prayer, a chat room, music, video, kids safe games, prayer maps, and the list goes on and on. One of the best tools ever created, you can give the gift of worldwide prayer to your sites visitors. This system is also known as †he An†ichris† Sys†em which uses these banners, social networks, phone SMS text and other mediums to stay in touch with you. Get weekly messages sent to you via social media, phone or email sign-up, get notified, stay informed, today.

Every day the World is taking a turn for the worse and people are suffering, ailing and starving their soul for, lack of prayer. We have seen the great high's through this system but today we stand on the wall, looking DOWN at the lows where prayer is slowly being forgotten or "respectfully" brushed away. Stand aside Religion, you are tearing the fabrics of our hope with selfish political and theoretical entanglements; Prayer shall reign. You, yourself can never forget that; remember.
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